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December 29, 2015

Click here to see Mike Tyson's Hoverboard Fail before reading..




The Hoverboard is quickly emerging as the new reason for orthopedist visits. Trampolines, roller shoes, and monkey bars have always been the biggest culprits, but hoverboards have now shown to be just as if not more dangeous. It possible it was invented by an orthopedist to generate business.


Fire risks alone can lead to substantial burns, but the falls as demonstrated in the pictures below can lead to a host of different injuries.  A "Foosh" injury is a Fall On an Outrstretched Hand.  This type of fall can cause hand, wrist, and elbow fractures.  Sprains can be just as bad and take longer to completely heal.

In many instances fractures can be treated with splints, casts, and therapy, however some fractures require setting the bone first, and in other cases, surgery may be needed to properly align the bone.  Treatment of fractures are different than ligament sprains and muscle injuries.  Fractures...

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