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Knee Dislocation

October 10, 2015

My colleague, Scott Nelson, sent me this picture with the message, "What do you think?"


An injury like that can be as severe as any motorcycle or car crash. Likely most of the ligaments of the knee have been torn. (ACL, PCL, and either the lateral or medial collateral ligaments)


Usually a hyper extension injury to the knee would cause PCL tearing, but when this severe, there is likely more damage.


Right now, the training staff is making sure his blood flow to the leg is working and making sure any fractures are stabilized.


For a high level football player, this injury is often career ending or limiting despite the surgeon and player's best efforts.


It's horrible to see in such a talented player. Now LSU football fans will understand why Leonard Fournette wants to sit out..


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Knee Dislocation

October 10, 2015

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